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Amar Kava has been the guiding force in setting up ARK Interiors. He is the dominant pillar of the firm, always taking up new challenges and executing the projects with details, sheer confidence and hard work. Having worked with well-known Architectural & Design firms in Mumbai, Amar nuanced the art of managing the intricacies of this beautiful world of Interior Design. He now directs and manages ARK Interiors and is responsible for the firm’s operations, strategies and growth. His work is a constant pursuit of a visionary that encompasses all strata of design. His work style involves a simultaneous engagement in practice and research. Despite his notable accomplishments, he is driven to constantly reinvent the work - the firm delivers.


Design Director

Keeping the clients' requirements on top-most priority and curating out of the box designs is what she excels at. Our Design Director, Sonal plays a vital role in the success and growth of the firm. Involved since the inception of ARK Interiors, Sonal has been pivotal to deliver something extra-ordinary and brilliant to the clients. With her hard work, dedication and focus she has championed the development of the Design Studio from Private Residences to Signature Offices. Her vision to understand every facet of the design process makes the clients’ journey easy and satisfying. Her profound commitment to create elegant, functional and timeless spaces of the highest quality justifies her position. Prior to ARK Interiors, Sonal has held promising positions at established design firms in Mumbai and Dubai.

We are a team of experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated interior designers, well informed about the latest technology and its application in the interiors industry. Our work displays the efficiency and professionalism in its outcome. We stand committed towards project enrichment and client satisfaction.

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