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About ARK






Bespoke. Luxe. Refined. Signature.

ARK Interiors is a boutique interior design atelier based in Mumbai, India, having evolved out of sheer passion and love for interior design since 2009. We believe a good interior design compliments the space and taste of its owner. Our style is eclectic which creates zen ensuing the art and science of interiors to enhance the project. Our design approach is individual for each project but always compassionate to the significance of the projects we work on across India and beyond. We specialize in architectural interior design for residences and commercial spaces. Our design philosophy is a collaborative approach with the Client to first understand the requirement and thus implement through our innovative concepts and technical expertise. Always on a constant run to get something unique and distinctive to the clients. The diverse portfolio of projects include, Luxury Residences, Signature Offices and Commercial Spaces.

Scaling to newer heights under our expansion plans, we are now present in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ARK Design Studio, embarking on our journey forward with a vision to create a mark in the interiors industry.

Exclusivity being our core forté, our clients overseas acknowledge the collaborative approach we follow yet complementing with unconventional designs. We are what we do and we give it our best to strive for perfection, wherever we are!

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